A Wild Wil Wheaton Appears!

Sorry for the delay in posting, I know, I promised I would get these blog posts up! And an internet promise is not one you want to break.

Immediately following the convention I was laid out with a con-cold, con-fluenza, or as Wil Wheaton not so lovingly coined, H1Nerd1.

Incidentally, I do understand why he doesn’t enjoy people touching him at these sorts of things. Nerds carry plague. It was this thought, and this thought alone that reminded me to restrain myself when Wil himself came to our little table at 1728 (near the Lego Village and Restrooms, or approximately across from where David Willis and Joel Watson would have been and what they also, not so lovingly, referred to as Bum-Fracking Egypt). I assure you, in terms of booth placement, their assessment was not far from the truth.
Wesley Crusher Coaster

Wesley Crusher coaster design

He visited us after signing a Wesley coaster that a fan (and awesome human being) purchased from us. The design was created for the Star Trek: The Next Generation set Ben and I released for this year’s Phoenix Comicon.
And while I can’t be sure Mr. Wheaton will remember me for the artwork; between my raspy, hyperventilated, non-sensical babbling and erratic arm flails, I am sure my fangirliness* was one of the most terrifying displays he has ever encountered. Despite that horrific display, he was very appreciative, eloquent, and downright awesome – it was a huge honor to have him come by our table and to meet his beautiful wife Anne in person. Made me wish I still had those googly eyes in my purse. </missed opportunity>
Sorry mom, I guess those acting classes when I was a kid really were useless – I would have been too star-struck and petrified on set.
*New word, you read it here first.
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