Project: The Library

A couple of years ago I worked with Rance on a scene in our RPG game in which Gloria is lead by Daryl to the Library of Mud (a library that is partially underground, overrun, and in generally bad shape) and it really inspired me. I envisioned this really particle heavy scene with god rays peaking through the broken ceiling, lots of really heavy contrast, and something really large so that Genny who is asleep at the center is almost engulfed by the vast space.

I drew a few composition sketches, but sadly I have a habit of tearing these out of the notebook so I don’t have a reference to share. I took a few stabs at drawing this on some nice watercolor paper, but I can’t get the architecture right. Essentially, the setting is a rotunda with an oculus at the center, similar to the Pantheon

Pantheon stock image


So, rather than just stab at this until I get it right I’ve decided to do some research, find some reference photos of similar architecture and ideas for how this environment needs to look perspective wise and then I think I might try modeling it in 3D and use that as a sketch reference. It would be cool, down the road, to actually fully model the environment in 3D and get everything richly textured. But it has been as while since I’ve played in Maya or Blender so this will take some work as well.  In the mean time, reference / inspiration images: Golden ContrastGame God Rays wit ParticlesChurch God RaysGod RaysChurch texture and half round

National Gallery of art Rotunda

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