Project: Geek Crafting – Update No. 2

The second video entry for the Daenerys’ costume progress is posted!

In this video I dye the white Crinkle Cotton that will comprise the body of the Daenerys’ Qarth dress with RIT Aquamarine, I make custom beads out of polymer clay (like Sculpey) for the dress accessories, and spray paint the foam sheet cut-outs from my first video for the metallic, gold belt.

I did all three of these as the same time because I lost a day after cleaning the bathroom and spilling some bleach in my eyeball.

I just received the shoes I ordered and the wig that I’ll be using as well as some small items like thread, chiffon, gold paint for the body of the dress, and gold thread for the beads. I’ll show these bad boys off in my next entry as well as applying a clear coat to the beads I baked in this one.

Thanks for checking it out, now enjoy some photos:

Daenerys' Dress Fabric

Daenerys’ Dress Fabric


Daenerys' Dress Fabric Drying

Daenerys’ Dress Fabric Drying

Daenerys' Gold Belt

Daenerys’ Gold Belt

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