Project: The Library

A couple of years ago I worked with Rance on a scene in our RPG game in which Gloria is lead by Daryl to the Library of Mud (a library that is partially… Read More

Project Update: Happy Octopus

Just something I sketched for Sarah. Probably will not color it.

Project Update: Genny & Zillah

It has been over a year since I sketched the base drawing and honestly the original attempt at coloring this was not something I was entirely happy with. After watching some tutorials I… Read More

Saving the Date!

Our budget was pretty tight so I ended up taking the photos for the “save the dates,” but I’m really happy with how they turned out. Pretty excited for this, later in the… Read More

New Toys: Loctite & the Bessey Strap Clamp

I took today off work because I knew I was going to want this nice long weekend to snuggle up and read. Well, I’ve already finished a novella and six short stories so… Read More

Happy Holidays

Just a quick sketch and color for RPG friends. My brother and sister characters, Tenny and Genny Tolleson. Happy Holidays everyone!

Project Update: Name of the Wind (Poster)

I actually like the original composition sketch for this piece better than this more developed version. I will probably take a break because something isn’t working and I am having a hard time putting… Read More

Today’s Color Progress: Zilliah & Genny

I am not entirely sure what I want to call this piece; something about bad dreams maybe. Just a quick update with the hopes of cheering up a friend 😉 Still a long… Read More

Today’s Color Progress: Lasers and Women

No time to write, here, have some color instead!

Project: Geek Crafting – Update No. 2

The second video entry for the Daenerys’ costume progress is posted! In this video I dye the white Crinkle Cotton that will comprise the body of the Daenerys’ Qarth dress with RIT Aquamarine,… Read More