Project: Geek Crafting

I began a video blog earlier this year. I actually got about six episodes in before I became overwhelmed with things to do and regretfully stopped. I don’t want to say it was… Read More

A Wild Wil Wheaton Appears!

Sorry for the delay in posting, I know, I promised I would get these blog posts up! And an internet promise is not one you want to break. Immediately following the convention I… Read More

Photos: Phoenix Comicon

Just a few words, but a photo of the table we had at comicon as a┬áconsolation. For more photos and fantastic coverage of the convention check out the: Official Phoenix Comicon Photos from… Read More

Brief Intermission

I apologize, the blog will be down for a few days while I finish moving everything over to the new site. When I get back you may notice a sudden deluge of geekery… Read More

May The Fourth Be With You!

  In honor of Free Comicbook Day I decided to make an array of tasty snacks. These were originally intended for a Star Wars viewing party, unfortunately it was a long day of… Read More